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Features and Benefits:

  • Venaflo IV cannulas are produced in state-of-the-art  manufacturing facilities conforming to the latest quality standards as lS09001, EN 46001 and CE directive 93/42IEEC. They are manufactured in accordance to BS EN ISO 10555-5:1997.
  • Venaflo IV cannulas exhibit great kink resistance and flexible 180° break resistance.
  • Venaflo IV cannulas substantially reduce the risk of phlebitis.
  • Venaflo IV cannulas are equipped with wings with holes for easy fixation and suturing if necessary.
  • Venaflo IV cannulas are also equipped  with Intermittent non-return valve to prevent leakage and back cut needle bevel for sharper penetration.
  • Venaflo IV cannulas  are precisely lubricated for minimal resistance during insertion.
  • Availability:

    Gauge Colour Flow Rate Approx.
    G 18 Green 104
    G 20 Pink 55
    G 22 Blue 30










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