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Non - Woven polyester padding of 100% viscose fiber

Features and Benefits:

  • BonPad has blends excellent conformability with good cushioning.
  • The padding tears quickly and easily around awkward contours, minimizing patient trauma and enhancing ease of application for the clinical user.
  • BonPad feathers out neatly, clings to itself and blends in to give a smooth finish without loops or ridges.
  • BonPad is highly absorbent, it takes up more water than other bandages thus minimizing skin maceration especially in hot climates or for patients with sensitive skin.
  • Availability:

    Code Size
    4871 7.5 cm x 2.70m x 24 bdg.
    4872 10 cm x2.70m x 24 bdg.
    4874 15 cm x2.70m x 12 bdg.
    4875 20cm x 2.70m x 12 bdg.



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